Why Location Matters?

Let’s look at it from a customer’s perspective.

Business Guy – I need to add a couple of business meetings in XYZ area. I need a good guest house so that I can come back in between meetings if required and save time while travelling.

Tourist - I need to visit ABC temple, PQR shopping mall, XYZ attraction so I want a place that’s close to all these destinations.

Spend the Night guy –I am coming to Delhi to spend the night before I take a flight or train to Bangalore next morning. Need a place to crash close to the airport or railway station.

So your goal is open a guest house in a location that caters to as many different types of guests as possible.

Check out the below example –

Shahar Palace, Jaipur

Shahar Palace is a budget accommodation in Jaipur, civil lines area. Well as they are in Jaipur they will always attract tourists. Because of their location, close to railway station, they get good numbers of “Spend a night guy” and “Business guy” too.

What is the center of attraction for a location

Every location has a center of attraction. Like the center of attraction for :

  • Hardwar is the river Ganges
  • Mahipalpur (Delhi) is the Indira Gandhi International Airport
  • Bokaro (Jharkhand) is the Bokaro Steel City

In other words, center of attraction for a location can be a religious or tourist site, airport, railway station or it could be a huge industrial township.
By analyzing these points you can shape up an image of the guest category which you will entertain after opening a guest house. This image will help you to recognize whether you will entertain city travellers, religious travellers, business travelers or someone else.

How can you check if you’ve chosen the right location?
  • Contact major online travel portals like MyGuestHouse, MakeMyTrip etc., as they have a statistical data like which part of the city is full with clients and which isn’t.
  • Setup a contact with small travel agencies as well along with the Big players. These small players can provide you insights like “what are the main attraction points of the city which travelers love to visit”, “in which area travelers would like to stay”.
  • Find out that what the travelers are searching on Google about your city, with "Google Keyword Tool". With this tool you can get an idea that whether tourists travelling to your city are more interested in:
    1. A. Budget travel or luxury travel
    2. B. Tourist places or meeting rooms
    3. C. Vegetarian or non-vegetarian food