A good advice for a guest house startup will be
“Understand your guest”
Well it’s not easy. In order to understand guest, you need to categorize them.

Let’s say that you have opened a guest house in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR. Now as we have discussed in step 2 (Location) that one should have a good understanding about the center of attraction for a location. Similarly Guest House should also have good knowledge of the guest category. Like divide your guests as Religious travelers, Leisure travelers, Corporate/ Business travelers, Honeymoon couples and Sightseeing groups.

Now you should analyze that what will be the ratio of religious travelers or corporate travelers in your guest house. The categorization will further assist in deciding the theme for your guest house. In other words, if you will be entertaining religious travelers than you shouldn’t allow non-vegetarian food, smoking, liquor etc. If the ratio of Business travellers is high then you should focus on services like good Wi-Fi connection, minibar in the room etc.

High ratio of returning guests

The next step here is to make sure that the ratio of returning visitors should be high. To do so Guest house should properly implement the correct services as mentioned in previous page.

You should have a “deep understanding” of the visiting guest. Here the term “Deep Understanding” implies, connect with guest on various platforms. Like:

  • Get their email id’s and start a strategy of e-mail marketing
  • Get engaged on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or even start your own blog and tell your guest to review them.

Well don’t force them to share or like your pages. Start some initiative like give discount to those who follow you on social media. Make your Facebook page or blog more interesting which will attract people to visit them. Many hotels & guest houses have implied such marketing techniques and now they can say that they have deep understanding of their clients.

In India we say that “Guest is god” so the guest house should be totally devoted towards their guests. Thus a Guest house need to set a good mixture of services to keep their esteemed guests happy.