Social Media Guide for Hotels

Twitter for Hotels
What is Twitter?

Twitter give you a platform to write short regular updates in less than 140 characters called Tweets. These updates are sent out to your followers. You can follow other people’s tweets too.

How to Optimize your Twitter Profile?
Optimize your Twitter Profile

Showcase what your hotel is all about

Add a relevant link Include keywords : go search engine friendly.

Customize Background: It creates a good impression Personalize your account by having an individual representing your hotel

What to Do on Twitter?
Optimize your Twitter Profile

Engagement on Twitter doesn’t mean just to login and post updates. Apart from checking the updates also try to join the discussions, start a new discussion or share some interesting stuff. To find interesting stuff try or

Use Twitter Search

Twitter Profile

It gives Twitter’s real time search results and you could be able to see what people are Tweeting (may be about your city or about an Event who will take place near your hotel), from where people are Tweeting at the moment about your search query (may be from your city), and it can be very much helpful in getting followers and why not generate revenue, don’t hesitate to spy on your Hotel Competitors.

Engage your activity by re-tweets & acknowledge Your Retweet and Mentions

Twitter Profile


You can get a daily goal, retweet one or two different person a day, engage conversation with one different person a day, these two tips will dramatically increase your engagement.


Whenever someone Retweet or mention you in their Tweets, never forget to acknowledge them. This would create a positive influence on him and would increase the chances of your Tweets getting retweet often.

Place your Twitter feed at your website

If you want to let your website readers learn more about what you are doing on Twitter, you can have each of your Tweets updated automatically, and imbedded on your Hotel website.