Ultimate Guide to TripAdvisor for Hotels


Why TripAdvisor Rankings are Important?
Rankings matter to a hotels customer

Customers don’t book hotels after reading 1 to 3 negative reviews

Customers are influenced by Online Reviews

Customers won’t book a hotel without online reviews

Customers are 3X less likely to stay at hotel with 3 stars vs. 4 star ratings 

I bet you picked the hotel ranked #2. Similarly even your customers get influenced by the ratings.

Rankings matter to a hotels customer

Improvements in TripAdvisor rankings lead directly to higher bookings, average daily rate (ADR) and revenue. That’s obvious, but the below data has quantified it.
The below data spoke for itself – the closer a property is to a Number 1 ranking on TripAdvisor for its given market, the greater its direct online bookings.


Hotels ranked #1 get 56% more direct bookings every month than hotels ranked #40 in their city.

The below graph details the no. of room nights booked for a hotel compared to it’s ranking on TripAdvisor.

Imagine your bookings become 1 ½ times. That’s the power of Tripadvisor.

High rankings get hotels additional benefits
  • Top 30 hotels have their property visible on Page 1
  • Top 5 hotels can be seen by all customers looking at your city as a destination
  • Top 3 hotels with a special offer can be included in a newsletter at no charge to you.
TripAdvisor is big

Tripadvisor is by far the largest review site on the planet accounting for more reviews than the next 10 review sites combined with over 50 million reviews.

Tripadvisor’s rankings our used on OTAs

Ranking high on TripAdvisor doesn’t help you get referral traffic and bookings from TripAdvisor but also enables you to get more bookings from all OTAs.

Literally every OTA today uses the TripAdvisor rankings to help their users find hotels. Below is just a list of some of the OTAs who’re using TripAdvisor’s rankings. Get a high ranking on TripAdvisor and you’ll get more bookings from these OTAs too.