Social Media Guide for Hotels

Social Media Strategy
Social Media Strategy for Hotels

A mistake many Social Media Marketers make is to start posting content and engaging with customers without a clear strategy. What ends up happening is that we start wondering whether we are getting results out of social media or not.

So I’ve created a simple 4-step strategy to get awesome results out of any social media project. The point of this strategy is to align the objectives, metrics, targets, and strategies.

Step-1: Define the Goals

Everyone is marketing on Social Media, but they all have different goals. You need to figure out how you want to gain from Social Media.

What do you want out of Social Media for your Hotel Business?

Now you can’t just say – I want bookings.

Getting bookings is the ultimate goal and social media helps us to reach that goal. Our social media strategy needs to define what we need to achieve.

You can get ideas from the below sample goals while creating your goals. They’re just typical ideas to help you get started.

Promoting your Hotel

Social Media is an opportunity to market itself and promote your special offers. But remember never to over promote your hotel. Should be less than 25% of your total communications.

2-Way Communication with Customers

Your hotels website is an informative tool but it is categorized as one-way communication. By utilizing the social platforms you can set up a two-way communication with your prospective customer audience. This process can strengthen customer engagement and can make them more interested in what you have to offer.

Resolution with Guests

Customer service plays a prime role in a hotel's progress. You can encourage your guests to discuss their grievances through social platforms or via other mediums. Respond or resolve the queries and acknowledge through the same platform. By attending a problem well, you can achieve the trust and appreciation of the guest for your hotels.

Improving your Hotels Reputation

A lot of interested guests will look out to search about your hotel online. Social Media Marketing plays an important part in making your brand rank on top when a potential guest searches for your hotel. This shows that you can have a strong hold on the information received at the customer end and portray it in the best possible way.

Step-2: Create Goal-Oriented Content

The most important question you should be asking when using figuring out what content to write is …. WHY!

Why should anybody:

  • Follow you?
  • Like you?
  • Read your tweets?
  • Pin your content? Etc.

You want to find the answers to those questions?

Just think about how to “INSPIRE PEOPLE”

The heartbeat of social media is people. It’s you and me. Nurture that ecosystem, don’t suck it dry while creating content.

Tell me, what do you think of the brands that spam you? What brands inspire you? I bet you engage with the brands that inspire you.

It’s simple.

Just think about your customers first to inspire them.

Once you finalized the type of content you’re posting, organize it.

info   Tip: Create a Content Calendar

If you’re out of ideas for content to post check out the below examples –

A Walk around inside the hotel

Just share something interesting you find while roaming around your hotel like a photo with a short caption such as: “Sam, the bartender, getting his bottles in a row”

Talk about your history

Is there anything interesting about your hotel that your customers should know? How about when it was established and by whom, celebrities who stayed there, an important event you hosted

Explain what makes you special

If there’s something interesting about your processes or something you do better than anyone else, don’t be shy about boasting:  “We welcome all our guests with this basket of goodies freshly baked in our own bakery.”

Step-3 : Measure Results

Lots of people will tell you that Social Media is for branding. Forget ROI. But don’t get caught up in that. Measuring results on Social Media is very important. Below are just a few measures for you to track Social Media results.


  • Likes/Followers
  • Impressions

Overall Engagement

  • Interactions (Queries, Complaints, Reviews etc.)
  • People Talking About Us


  • Comments, Replys
  • Likes, Mentions, Retweets, +1s, Shares

Search Visibility

  • Social Media’s side effect on Google Rankings


  • Better ratio of positive to negative reviews
  • Better complaint to response ratio

Step-4: Analyze and Optimize

Once you’ve got info on how you’re performing on Social Media you can use it to tweak your future strategy.

Analyze and Optimize

Remark :

Just measuring results and then optimizing your strategy on Social Media is an in-depth topic and I’ll talk about it in detail later in another guide or blog.