Ultimate Guide to TripAdvisor for Hotels


How TripAdvisor ranks hotels (Algorithm)

Now you really want to rank on Tripadvisor, don’t you?
But to rank high first you need to know
how Tripadvisor determines its rankings. 

In TripAdvisor’s own words

TripAdvisor’s Popularity Index is:

Completely organic. No paid results influence rankings.
Constantly incorporates new information.
Reflects reviews from around the world.
Based on the good and the bad!

Well, what a shocker. Just like Google, TripAdvisor is pretty opaque when it comes to disclosingto hoteliers whatneeds to be done in order to improve their hotels' TripAdvisor rankings.

To shed some light on these vague guidelines I’m sharing some information from our own learning’s working with over 7,000 hotels.

6 Important factors that may impact the TripAdvisor Popularity Index

Quality of reviews

You need a very high average to rank high, usually the top ranking hotels have a rating near 4.5

Frequency of the reviews

This plays a very important role telling how consistently the hotel is delivering a great experience.

Quantity of reviews

There is no magic number but as the number of reviews increase you will see your ranking improve as well.

Recency of reviews

If you got 30 reviews in one month and then nothing for the next 2 months your ranking will drop. It has to be consistent. The Popularity Index also relies heavily on the age of reviews; with older reviews carrying less weight than more recent reviews.  As a result, a ranking increase (or, heaven forbid, a ranking decrease) can be almost immediate.

Claimed TripAdvisor Business Listing for the Hotel

A claimed listing verifies your hotel. All the hotels near the top of the listings are always verified.

Complete and up-to-date content

Content is king! Hotels that constantly update their listing rank higher.