Ultimate Guide to TripAdvisor for Hotels


How to Rank your hotel high on TripAdvisor

As a hotel internet marketing guy, I get asked this question by hoteliers all the time: “What can I do to improve my hotel's ranking in TripAdvisor?” Let’s get down to the real stuff, what do you need to do to rank #1 on TripAdvisor. I’ve created a 7-step process to help you reach that level.

Asking for the Review

Do you know that real-world experience shows that about 50 percent of your hotels guests are highly likely to recommend your hotel? The problem is that their voice isn't being heard.

So how do you get more reviews? If you want something you have to ask, and the same applies here. Ask your guests to review your hotel on Trip Advisor.

When and where can you ask?

When guests are checking out or during their stay?

Know you must be thinking, how I can just tell my guest to “Review my hotel”. It’s your lucky day because I’ve got a solution for you. Ask your guests the "Ultimate Question" for customer loyalty: "On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend us?" If anyone answers 8 or above, then ask them to write a review for you. Most guests will oblige. It’s just that simple, trust me.

In the post stay Thank-You email

As part of your post stay communication with your guests ask As part of your post stay communication with your guests ask them to review the hotel on Trip Advisor.

Make it easy to write the review

Asking is only half the battle won. Once a guest has agreed to write a review, they’ll only go through with it if it’s easy.

QR Code or Short URL (at checkout or during stay)

Whether on a simple sheet or on a specially designed checkout pamphlet keep a QR code and a short URL linking directly to the page where the guest can write the review handy.   You can just show it to your guest once they’re agreed to write a review. That way they have no excuses. If you use a service like it’ll even be trackable.

Having a widget on your website

Create a link on your hotel’s website where guests can read or post TripAdvisor reviews. This serves two purposes, first, if someone wants to read reviews about the hotel then it is right in front of them and if they want to leave a review then the option is there.

This is more effective method when a guest is shopping and looking for feedback on the hotel. If a guest makes a booking after reading Trip Advisor review and they have a great experience, then the likely hood of them writing increases when they are asked to leave a review.

Call to Action Email (Thank You Email post-stay)

Design the email with a clear and primary call to action being the hotel review page. Write about how happy you were to host your guest but at the end tell them that who’d like them to share their experience and give a clear call to action button like –

Call to Action buttons convert much higher than just simple text links. A button will get you more reviews.

Add A Review link to your Email signature

Whenever communicating with the guest this gives a good spot to plug in the TripAdvisor logo. It just creates another avenue where your guest can see and then write a review.

Monitor your Listing and Reviews

There is no magic number but as the number of reviews increase you will see your ranking improve as well.

Get TripAdvisor’s Free Marketing Tools

Just got to to claim your TripAdvisor Business Listing and then you’ll be able to respond to reviews, get badges etc. It’s the most basic step but it’s where you’ve got to start. You’d be surprised how many hotels still haven’t claimed their TripAdvisor listings. It’s the most basic step, but still one that’s skipped by many hotels out there.

Keep the content in your listing updated and fresh

Content is king. Keep changing the content in your listing every few months. Talk about the latest offers or changes in your hotel.

Respond to All Reviews

I can’t stress this enough, but you should be responding to 100% of your reviews. Positive as well as negative. You need to be responding personally to every review and ask them to come again if they liked your place and tell them how you’ll fix what went wrong in their stay if it was a bad review. You’re not only responding to the reviewer but to the millions who’re out there reading on Tripadvisor. Always be honest with responses.

For the below hotel the manager directly responds to every review.

Act on Customer Feedback

Use your customer reviews as free market research to enhance your hotel's internal operations. Hoteliers can take advantage of the instant feedback that is provided on TripAdvisor. Enhance the good and fix the bad features of your property. Then you can even reply to the review telling the reviewer how you’ve used their comment to improve the future experience.

Go the extra mile! Exceed expectations.

We have the saying, under promise and over-deliver. The moment you exceed a customer’s expectations you’re ready to get an awesome review.

How can you over deliver? It’s simple.

Make Guests Feel Important

Pay extra attention to each guest. From upper management and the front desk staff, to the maintenance and housekeeping crews, everybody who is associated with your hotel should have it instilled in them that guests are the most important people on the property. A hotel employee, who takes the time to smile and say welcome to our hotel, is something and someone a guest will remember. When a guest has a problem, address it immediately. Be honest and do not make excuses. If the air conditioning is not working right, if possible, offer to switch the guest to an upgraded room. When you pay attention to guests, they are happier and more likely to write a good review of your hotel.

Rinse and Repeat.

You won’t rank #1 overnight. You have the repeat the process over and over again. But one thing is for sure you will rank high if you rinse and repeat. Just be better than the competition.