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Get better rates from properties with Property ConnectTM

Travel agents can connect with hotels directly to build 1-1 relationships. Now you won’t have to go through suppliers anymore to contact a hotel.


How Property Connect works – The 5 Step Process

The Property Connect platform works with the Agent Connect platform for hotels to allow travel agents and hotels to build direct relationships. In just 5 steps travel agents can get better rates for properties to which they can provide good business.

How Property Connect works – The 5 Step Process
How Property Connect works – The 5 Step Process

Why MGHworld's Property ConnectTM is different

How it currently works:

No Relation

No Relationship between you and the hotel

Since the supplier connects to the hotel, so even when you give bookings to a particular hotel, it’s the supplier who’s building a relationship with the hotel. The supplier will get all the benefits from the hotel, not the travel agent.
Contact Suppliers

Contact Suppliers all Day.

When travel agents have a booking request they need to contact their supplier to find hotels and to get good rates. So the travel agent will be on the phone all day.
Higher Rates

Higher Rates to you

The supplier will always have their own commissionable models which will vary due to many factors. So lots of times you’ll end up paying extra to the supplier instead of getting the optimal rate from the hotel. This will drive up the selling cost, leading to lesser bookings.

How Property Connect works:

Direct Relationship

Direct Relationship with Hotels

Travel agents and hotels can directly negotiate rates. A hotel will know when the travel agent is generating more business for them and thus the travel agent will get more benefits from the direct relationship.
No Relation

See everything on your system

When travel agents have a booking request, they can directly book a hotel on the previously negotiated rates without making any call. They can negotiate rates and book rooms directly on their systems.
Possible Rates

Best Possible Rates with No middle Commissions

The travel agent will have a special rate without the commission of the supplier in the middle. So the agent can offer better rates to the end customer resulting in more bookings.

The power of MGHworld is in the integration.

MGHworld’s Property Connect integrates with other solutions to make you more effective.

MGHworld’s Property Connect is one step away