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Let’s go Mobile! Use the PMS on the go!

  • You can update inventory for all channels with just a single click.
  • You can confirm the booking at the very movement on your phone.
  • Sending a mail or attending a call is past. Let’s enter the mobile world.

The Dashboard

  • Wouldn’t it be easy if someone just helped you out?
  • If you didn’t have to figure out what to do every time you login?
  • The moment you open our mobile app we’ll guide you to the actions. You have to perform so that it takes you the minimum possible time to keep your property live

It’s now easy to manage Bookings

How do you remember a guest who visited your hotel? I’m pretty sure it’s not by the guests booking ID, it’s by their Name isn’t it? Well we took the cue and we’ve focused on the guests name over the booking ID.

What if you had to find a cancelled booking or the bookings you have to confirm? Just use our status filter. To actually confirm the booking just click on the booking and press confirm booking. With the press of a single button your booking will be confirmed and you’ll even find out when you’ll receive the payments, right at the same spot. No time to even flicker your eyes.

What about the guests checking in today? Just select today’s checkin date and you’ll get your answer.


Your inventory will be always poised for the best results

Just got a huge group booking for your hotel or a big cancellation. What if your on the move? What if you can’t access your computer right now? How will you decrease your inventory to prevent a stuck case (brand reputation for your hotel) or increase your available inventory to get more bookings?

With the mobile app, you can do it with just 2 taps. Select the date and the room category with the first tap and update the inventory with the 2nd tap. Could it be easier?

Isn’t it amazing….

We’ve built in many small things like that to build you an amazing user experience.