Social Media Guide for Hotels

Pinterest for Hotels
What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a platform, which invites members to 'pin' their favourite videos, pictures, and articles from across the Internet on 'bulletin boards'. This social network allows you to visually showcase your venue and products on digital boards.

One of the best things about Pinterest compared to other social networking sites is that it is highly visual. It is the best social networking site for displaying your photos.


Follow simple Pinterest steps to:

Show off your knowledge

Post up pictures of great dishes, fine wines, or cocktails if that is your thing. You can create many different 'boards' within Pinterest, each to showcase a different specialty. A hotel or guest house might want to add pins for local places of interest or restaurants to visit.

Showcase Your Events

Create a board specifically for your events and encourage people to follow it. You can also pin pictures to show off any facilities at your venue, such as meeting rooms, gardens, ball rooms etc.