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Travel Ecosystem to Hotel's best friend: The Journey

MGHworld started in 2009 with a goal to create a “Travel Ecosystem”. The goal of the ecosystem was to build a platform to sell and book budget hotels. But over the last couple of years in the travel industry we’ve realized that there are huge opportunities in the hotel business. MGHworld is on track to achieve its goal since it’s already tied up with greater than 5500 hotels.

MGHworld started with a vision to offer a free to use commissionable based PMS software to budget hotels. Since then we’ve moved on to add a Channel Manager, Free website for hotels, travel agent and corporate solutions plus a hotel API to our distribution partners.

Now you may be wondering, we started with a product for hoteliers but then expanded to create products for the entire travel ecosystem, and we still offer those products. Then how can we say that we’re shifting from the travel ecosystem to hotels best friend? That’s because all our solutions are aligned around the hotel. It’s not about what we do; it’s about how we do it. 

All our decisions are now taken based on 1 single factor – Will this help our hotels. 

So, MGHworld is now the hotel’s best friend. 

Now how do our travel agent, distribution and corporate clients fit into this vision? Our travel agents, corporates and distribution partners help our hotels get bookings. And in turn we help our travel agents corporates and distribution partners by giving them access to 5,500 and counting budget hotels across India.