News blue-arrow wins SAARC's Manthan Award 2011
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“ wins SAARC's Manthan Award 2011”


The Property Management System from is a cutting edge technological development for budget hotels and guest houses across the country. With this system, property owners are able to manage their room inventory to provide a “real time” inventory of rooms thus preventing last minute cancellation, mismatch in communication etc, which are major problems in the budget travel space. Thus, is empowering small business in travel to flourish and expand the budget travel industry as a whole, which will be beneficial to both property owners and the end consumer. The initiative ensures that the hoteliers across the country be able to eradicate inefficiencies in the budget travel value chain, thus enhancing customer experience and development of small scale players and business in the travel space, which is very essential for the overall development of the budget travel industry as a whole. The PMS system and the website are available to the hotelier free of cost. Property Owners can access their Cloud based MGHWorld PMS on the site -


The Jury observed that the novel initiative Property Management System (PMS) fills an existing gap in terms of solving a major problem in budget travel using the power of cloud computing. It was also noted that the PMS has a very well-crafted and easy to use user interface that can be easily managed at the level of even the hotel receptionists. The screen display in the application in the form of a tape chart wherein the hotelier easily inputs when a room gets booked or is occupied. This gets updated in real time on the PMS server, thus allowing all Travel Agents, distributors and customers to see the room availability in real time. The Jury also noted that the PMS has significant acceptance and currently it is used by hoteliers and guest house owners in the budget segment across 275+locations in India with around 4000+ properties spanning over 200 major travel destinations in the country.