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S No. Term Explanation
1 OTA Online travel agency
2 TA Travel Agent
3 CP Continental Plan
4 MAP Modified American Plan
5 AP American Plan
6 POS Point Of Sales
7 MLOS Minimum Length Of Stay
8 Amenities Services and Facilities provided by the hotel
9 Rack Rate Maximum displayed Room Rate (MRP)


Net Rate Rate provided by hotel to its channel
11 Selling Rate Rate at which the guest books the hotel
12 Rate Parity Variation in selling rates across multiple channels
13 TAC Travel Agent Commission
14 FIT Frequent Individual Travelers
15 GIT Group Inclusive Tour
16 CM Channel Manager
17 PMS Property Management System
18 HMS Hotel Management System
19 CRM Customer Relationship Management
20 GDS Global Distribution System
21 Extranet Room Allocation management system for a particular OTA
22 Channel Mediums that connect hotels to end customers ex. OTA, TA
23 Room Inventory No. of rooms in the hotel
24 Room Allocation Number of rooms allocated to a channel
25 Tape Chart A screen to manage inventory
26 Cut off period No. of days a guest must book their reservation prior to their arrival
27 GM General Manager
28 FOM Front Office Manager
29 Walk In Guest Guest who directly visits the hotel
30 No Show Guest with booking who did not stay at hotel
31 Block Room Temporarily holding a room for a client
32 F&B Food & Beverages

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