Hotel Reservation System

step-1Click on New Booking

Hotel Reservation Software

step-1 Enter your guest’s details

Online Hotel Reservation System

step-1 Enter Booking Details

Online Hotel Reservation Software

And in 30 secs the booking voucher is generated. The booking voucher can also be emailed to the customer or printed.

Reservation System for Hotels

Hotel Reservation System

We know that you are busy and sometimes you don’t even have even 30 seconds to create an entry in the system. So, what’s the solution? Don’t worry we have one more great solution for you. It’s called “Block Rooms”. Just go to your Tape Chart & hold the rooms by blocking it.

Best Hotel Reservation System

How to block a room

step-1Select the rooms on tapechart

Reservation Software for Hotels

step-1Right click on the & click Block

Hotel Reservation Solutions

step-1 Write a comment

Online Reservation System for Hotels

What if a guest arrives at your front desk & says that you gave him a lower tariff for the same room 3 months back. How will you check it? You just go to My Booking screen, write the guest name & search. You will get the complete booking history of that client. If there are more entries with the same name, then you can even search the booking history with phone no, booking date, check in – out date etc…

Along with this if you want to download all of this information in an excel file than just click on export to excel and all of this filtered information will be available to you in a excel file within seconds.

Online Reservation Software for Hotels
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