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Hotel Management System Software

The MGHworld hotel management system is used by over many hotels across 450+ cities to save time and money. Hotels can manage their frontdesk, point of sales, accounts and much more using just one login. The cloud based hotel management software enables hoteliers to easily manage their operations from anywhere.

Hotel Management System

What do you get in the Hotel Management System?

Feel Connected.

The only hotel software that works anywhere.

Mobile app

Mobile App

With MGHworld mobile application hotels can track and manage their room occupancy, guest check in-check out status, restaurant, sales and much more on mobile. Mobile application is a useful tool for managers who spend most of their time in the field. With this application they will have the live status of hotel room inventory.
SMS app


Imagine you suddenly lose your internet connection. It happens many a times, especially in India and more so in hill stations and remote areas. Now what if you need to urgently update your inventory or confirm a big booking? It’s now possible with MGHworld’s SMS app. Feel connected to the internet without being online.

We’ve built different systems for different properties

Serviced Apart.
Private Rooms

The power of MGHworld is in the integration.

MGHworld's Hotel Management System works with your other solutions to make you more effective.

Client Testimonials

” MGHworld’s HMS has reduced employee dependency and online bookings have tripled after we have maintained room inventory on the Tape chart”
Mr Kapoor,Shiva intercontinental,Delhi

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