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Hotel Booking API

Companies that use our API

MMT Birdres LTPI MyGuestHouse TUI Wego
Hotel Reservation API

Real time integration

We’re integrated deeply integrated into the travel ecosystem. A hotel gets booked where, offline or online we send you the update when you call our API. We’re so good that we don’t only have category level inventory but room assignment.

See the hotels entire inventory. It’s not like an extranet. The API integrates live with the hotels inventory. Hotels use our PMS system to manage their property and you can access the entire inventory data just by calling our API. Helps you get more bookings and reduce stuck cases. It’s one of the biggest reasons top OTAs like MakeMyTrip and Agoda are trying to slowly shift their budget properties to our softwares.

Fast Booking Confirmations

Besides our computer based PMS + Channel Manager Software for hoteliers, we have mobile apps and a SMS app so that hoteliers can confirm bookings on the go.

Hotel Booking Mobile Apps
fastest hotel api

Fast. Robust. Scalable.

We pride ourselves on having the fastest, most robust and scalable API.
99.99% Uptime guarantee
100% faster than the industry standard response time
Our API gives you a result in 2-3secs vs the industry average of 5-6 secs for cities like Delhi NCR

Fully Flexible

That’s right! You can twist our API to any end to get your desired result.
Our API is like Mr. Fantastic in the Fantastic Four.
We integrate with all the industry standard booking, billing and rate models.
Think of Pay@Hotel, net rate and commissionable rate models etc., we support them all.
What’s amazing! If you find something we don’t support, we’ll probably build that for you too.

flexible API
Customizable Hotel API

Customizable Response

We all study our audience and create user experiences suited to websites audience.
Let’s take an example of the search page.
Some websites display all the rooms for a particular hotel. Others display only the lowest price.
Some of us display the amenities, some don’t.
Some sites show a description, others don’t.
You don’t want time and space to be wasted right? We send you only the information you need.
And if you suddenly decide to change the information you’re displaying you just modify a single line of code and you’ll get the desired response.
Of course some of us are big fans of A/B testing, so we want to display some parameters to some users and others to some other users. Worry not. You can just call all the parameters and decide which ones to display. Anything is possible.
We have Lots of data and you can choose the data you want.
Essentially, the output of the API can be customized for you.

Automatic end to end invoicing

You need an invoice for your taxes.
You need an invoice to give to your customer.
We also need an invoice.
Guess what? We generate the invoices for all stakeholders the moment a booking is created.
There’s no need to handle that too.
The invoices even take care of the different commissions and rates for each party involved..

automatic invoice generation
Call Centre Booking Solutions

Easy to use solution for bookings via your Call Centre

 Your executives don’t need to swipe the card every time.
You can just store credit with use and make the booking without any need to go to a payment gateway.
Then you can collect the payments from your customer as you wish.
If the customer stops while making the booking, we’ll just refund your credit.

Get in touchhe business guys and we can take it forward

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