Social Media Guide for Hotels

Google+ for Hotels
What is Google+?

Google+ is the social extension to Google. More than a social network Google+ effects your search rankings too.

How to Use Google+?

Use Circles to Target Specific Groups

Separate weekday versus weekend guests, business versus leisure guests, family versus couples, and so on

Hangout with your guests using Google+ Hangout

Have Real time discussions with your guests through video conference in Google+ Hangout. Even Barack Obama has hosted a Google+ Hangout.


Google+ gives you invaluable information about your audience. Connect your webmaster and Adwords accounts to your profile to gain valuable information showing the age, gender, and geo-location of those in your circles. You can also see content that guests have shared, reposted, and +’d most often through Google Ripple.

Using information provided through your Google+ account can:

  • Allows you to target marketing campaigns to specific guests in your circles
  • Provide knowledge on what guests want to use for specials, packages and valuable information


Stronger integration between Google+ and Google Places thanks to check-in offers now available through Google Places

  • When guests search on Google for your hotel, Google will automatically return your hotels Google+ listing.
  • Hoteliers can also offer specials for those who check in through Google Places.
  • When your guest’s check-in their circles will see the check in via Google+