Social Media Guide for Hotels

Facebook for Hotels

This platform will be your main form of social media marketing, simply because of the sheer audience and reach of the site.

Points to be kept in mind while creating a Facebook Business Page for your Hotels.

Create Page as Local Business - Hotel
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Create the page at

It’s important to set the page as a place because then guests can check-in to your hotel and that helps to increase your hotels reach on Facebook organically.

Design your Profile
One n only

The Facebook 'timeline' layout allows you to showcase your hotel more than ever before. Here’s how you can use each element to showcase you hotel.

Cover Photo

The cover photo must define your hotel. Put up pictures of special events at your hotel, general places in your hotel, awesome scenery visible from your hotel or guests having a good time. Whatever you feel defines your hotel. Tip: Never promote an offer. That’s against Facebook guidelines. Plus it doesn’t showcase your hotel.

Profile Picture

Simple. Your hotels logo.

Use Facebook Tabs

Highlight your hotels photos, videos, reviews and enable fans to even book your hotel on the Facebook page using tabs.

Facebook Tab

Pictures speak louder than words, so with the Instagram tab your fans will be able to check out the hotels pictures right at your Facebook page and you’ll also increase the organic reach of your hotels pictures.

Market your TripAdvisor Reviews

We all want more reviews on TripAdvisor right. Add your TripAdvisor page as a tab on Facebook and ask your fans to review your hotel.

What to Post

Unlike email, Facebook wall posts are non-obtrusive, so instead of a monthly email newsletter, aim to send around 4 to 5 Facebook updates per week.

info Tip: Post Photos. They get X% more likes and y% more comments