Guest Houses Definition


The term “Guest house” is derived from an Old English word “giest his”. It is believed that the term was created before 1,000 AD. The term Guest House has been defined by many school of thoughts. According to Oxford Dictionary a Guest house is “a private house offering accommodation to paying guests”.

Modern Times

In modern times a Guest house is referred as an accommodation service which is considered as a cheaper option in comparison to Hotels. Guest house are often compared with Bed & breakfasts & Inn but Guest house is a separate segment & has different features to offer in comparison with the rest of the segment.

Types of Guest Houses

Now Guest Houses are not only a cheaper substitute of hotels, but are also an emerging segment with multiple branches. Presently there are many categories of Guest Houses like Corporate, Beach and Budget guest houses. Most of the Metropolitan cities are an ideal hub for Corporate Guest Houses. These properties consist of 8-10 rooms within a budget of 100-150$. They are mostly accommodated by corporates looking for a 10-15 days stay on their business trip. One can find good Beach Guest Houses along the ocean shore. Beach Houses have become a good substitute of expensive resorts and are a perfect blend of affordability & elegance. Budget Guest houses are living upto their name. They provide budget friendly accommodations. One can easily get a 10-20$ room in this category with basic amenities.


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