Cost Analysis

Costing is an important aspect which will either drive you to go for a guest house or can even stun your dream of starting a guest house. But whatever may be the final result, costing needs to be done properly as you don’t want to start a guest house with incomplete cost analysis. So you should count out these points:

  • Expenditure spent on legal aspects and insurance.
  • Construction or re-decoration of the property.
  • Expenditure on Front desk & Lobby
  • Decoration of Rooms which includes furniture, curtains, TV, mini-bar, washroom equipment’s.
  • Electricity set-up (Lighting, Air-conditions, Security alarms)
  • Pbax & Internet connection setup.
  • Setting up an in-house restaurant (optional)
  • Salary of the employees.
  • Property tax, Municipal tax, Property registration tax.

Well I have mentioned all the basic requirements but chances are that you might find more points apart from the above list.