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About Royal Desert Camp

Property: Royal Desert Camp

City: Jaisalmer

Manager: Mr. CB Singh


The Royal Desert Camps Jaisalmer the luxurious nostalgia of a bygone age of the Maharaja’s Safari and Shikar camps, combined with innovative design demonstrating many of the skills and crafts of Marwar.

Royal Desert Camp improved online presence through SEO friendly website

Royal Desert Camp is an amazing place to spend the weekends near the dunes of Jaisalmer. Royal Desert Camp opened in 2000 and it soon became a place to enjoy the dunes & culture of Rajasthan. As per their team:- "The camps become mystical in the nights when they start the camp fire along traditional folk dance which is available for free, every night"


Royal desert camp attracts many local and international guests & the biggest source of promotion was via travel agent & tour operator network, which is not sufficient. They were not able to get the share of online guests as they had no online presence.

How We Helped

Royal Desert Camp had a good clientele but majority of them were offline and were coming through limited sources. We analyzed that the property didn’t had website i.e. No Online Presence. So to solve this problem we offered them seo friendly website with booking engine & payment gateway.


Within a month of starting their website the camp started receiving many online quarries. As per their manager Mr. Singh:- "Starting a website was a real good decision as now we receive more quarries and we are not dependent on limited sources for promotion. We will soon start our social media campaign. Hope we will get good result from that too."